The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgical technique that enhances the fullness and contour of the buttocks by using your own fat from liposuction. This fat transfer surgery has the dual advantages of improving the size and form of your posterior and sculpting more slender body outlines. The butt is augmented by removing stubborn fat that is challenging to lose through diet and exercise. Furthermore, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a fantastic substitute for butt implants.


The two treatments that make up a Brazilian butt lift are combined. Fat is first removed by liposuction so that it can be injected into the buttocks.

The hip, upper and lower abdominal, bra roll area, and love handles area are typically used as sources of fat. For the patient’s preferred area, the fat is then injected into the buttock or hip region.

To get a waistline that is smaller and complements the younger, curvier buttocks, fat is frequently removed from the sides and belly. The Brazilian butt lift attempts to remove excess skin and fill in sunken-in areas.

Additionally, an hourglass shape and more sculpted buttocks may arise from this. Since each and every one of his patients is unique and he has performed thousands of butt lifts, Dr. Manwani takes care to sculpt and contour each patient’s butts to their satisfaction. 



Using liposuction, undesirable fat is delicately removed from a specific area of the body.


The “donor” fat cells that are extracted are cleaned and purified.


To get the best volume and shape, the pure fat cells are surgically injected into the buttocks in specific locations at various depths.


Patients should prepare to spend two to three weeks resting after a BBL treatment or buttock augmentation before returning to the majority of their regular activities.

Patients must avoid sitting and resting on their backs for two to three weeks since doing so can kill the transplanted fat cells and impair the results. Patients who are healing need to use extra caution and keep up strong recovery habits. It takes time for the transplanted fat cells to establish a blood supply.

To lessen swelling and promote a quicker recovery, compression clothing must be worn for at least two to three weeks. In seven to ten days, any surgical drains or non-dissolvable sutures will be taken out.

For the initial few days of your rehabilitation, it is advised that a family member or friend stay with you because your movements will be restricted and heavy lifting is not advised.

For the first 3–4 weeks, it is strongly advised that patients obtain enough of rest, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and avoid sitting directly on their buttocks. To avoid disturbing the fat cells, we also advise sleeping on your side or stomach.

Both the body shaping effects of the liposuction and the increased volume of the buttocks augmentation will have instant apparent results. But for up to six months, swelling will alter the patient’s new proportions.

As the body accepts the fat grafts and eliminates any extra fat and fluid, results will keep improving. Typically, final benefits become apparent after three to four months.




Dr. Manwani, also referred to as “The Curve Creator,” is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specialises in the Brazilian Butt Lift. He has a good sense of aesthetics and the medical expertise to provide stunning outcomes. Dr. Manwani and his knowledgeable staff are committed to the security, happiness, and comfort of patients.



Three months after the treatment, the majority of the results will have stabilised, at which point any transplanted fat still visible in the buttocks will remain. In order to maintain their new proportions after surgery, patients must maintain a constant body weight.

Liposuction eliminates fat from the desired locations in a direct manner, but treatment does not stop new fat cells from forming as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. 30% or so of the fat.

Three to four times as much fat as is required will be eliminated during liposuction. The amount of usable fat will be impacted by the purification procedure since only the fat with the best chances of a successful graft will be selected.

After three months, between 50 and 80 percent of the transplanted fat will have a healthy blood supply and remain, while the body will safely absorb any extra fat. We will add more volume to account for the anticipated loss of fat and to account for any initial shrinkage.

Small incisions are made during liposuction to provide room for the cannula. Expect to have a few little scars, but they will be less than an inch long and mostly invisible. After 12 to 18 months, any scarring will finish maturing and fading, at which point they will turn very thin and white.

Both men and women who want to trim down their physique and give their buttocks more form and volume can consider a Brazilian butt lift. Liposuction is a fat loss technique, not weight reduction surgery, and it should only be used as a last option for individuals who have tried a healthy diet and regular exercise without success.

Patients who have sagging or loose skin are not ideal candidates for BBL or liposuction. We will check your skin’s elasticity before beginning the surgery because fat loss might make loose skin worse. You might require a procedure like a tummy tuck or a small tummy tuck if you do have loose skin. This will be covered at your initial visit with Dr. Manwani.

After three weeks, the majority of patients are able to return to their regular routines, although some may require more time before feeling comfortable returning to exercise and more demanding tasks.

The process takes two to three hours. Each patient’s experience will be unique since a Brazilian butt lift is a very adaptable treatment that can change depending on how much liposuction the patient wants and how much volume they want added to their buttocks. Prior to being discharged, patients will spend an hour or two in our recovery room.



If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with Dr Manwani, please contact us.



If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with Dr Manwani, please contact us.

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