Cosmetic surgery called breast reconstruction improves the form of one or both breasts. Consider this operation if you want to give your body the femininity it once had before a mastectomy, accident, or congenital defect ruined it. Breast reconstruction is frequently carried out right away following mastectomy, but it’s vital to speak with a plastic surgeon to figure out the best course of action for your body. Using the latest cutting-edge and effective reconstruction techniques, Dr. Manwani and his skilled staff can assist patients in achieving more visually acceptable breasts.


With the aid of 3D imaging technology, Dr. Manwani will evaluate your situation and provide you with an accurate simulation of how breast reconstruction can give you the desired bustline. The type of mastectomy that was initially performed, the ability of the cosmetic surgeon, and the patient’s personal preferences all play a role in the choice of strategy for breast reconstruction. There are a number of well-known reconstructive options as well as ones that patients may not be familiar with.



A patient who lacks their ideal breast form and volume has a great choice in silicone gel or saline implants. Tissue expanders can occasionally be used to gradually form a pocket in the breast tissue, creating room for the implant.



If a patient has a single mastectomy, the remaining breast might be reduced in size or lifted to create a more symmetrical appearance.


One of the classic approaches to breast reconstruction is tissue reconstruction. With or without breast implants, this procedure reshapes the breasts by using flaps of tissue from the patient’s back, thighs, or belly.


Nipple and areola repair is frequently incorporated into the breast reconstruction operation because a patient’s nipples are typically removed during a mastectomy. Nipple reconstruction can also be used to shrink and reshape nipples in patients who have conditions that go beyond those associated with puberty and cause one of them to develop abnormally in comparison to the other.


Patients may be encouraged to wear a supportive surgical bra after surgery to speed healing. Additionally, this garment might lessen unpleasant postoperative after effects including bruising. To encourage healing during this early stage of recovery, get plenty of sleep and adhere to our recovery plan.

For one week, most physical activities will be restricted, but some patients may be able to go back to work if they feel well enough.

If Dr. Manwani gives the all-clear, patients can resume light activities after 2 to 3 weeks. There should be visibly reduced bruising and swelling, but some side effects continue for several months while the breasts adjust

Patients can begin to appreciate their results at this point in their recuperation after 5 to 6 weeks if they are not having a later treatment for their breast reconstruction journey. Over the upcoming months, the breasts will continue to adapt.




Dr. Manwani is a superb surgeon who has a thorough understanding of the female anatomy and the surgical skills to produce stunning breast reconstruction outcomes. With his in-depth knowledge of plastic surgery aesthetics and cutting-edge methods, he approaches each breast reconstruction process in a special way that takes into account all the patient’s concerns. Dr. Manwani can give you the outcomes you want since he is regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons in the world by his peers, patients, colleagues, and the international media.


The method you decide to choose for your breast reconstruction depends on a number of factors and is ultimately highly personal. Both procedures are not appropriate for every patient, and some may prefer one over the other. During a face-to-face session, we will go over all of your options in detail and assist you in making a decision that will yield the outcomes you want.

Saline and silicone implants both produce outcomes for breast augmentation that look natural. Saline implants offer the advantage of being highly customisable to your preferred size because they are filled after being inserted into the breast. Despite having predefined forms and sizes, silicone implants feel more realistic because of the silicone’s thicker, stiffer gel-like consistency. Your choice is completely up to you, and before your treatment, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of implant.

Making the decision to have breast reconstruction surgery is highly personal. Long-term recovery times may be shortened if immediate direct-to-implant or immediate tissue flap repair is chosen. However, not every patient is able to get implants right away after a mastectomy or want to have two procedures done simultaneously. We’ll help you become informed about the advantages of each option and provide you our expert advice depending on your particular requirements.

Although they don’t have a defined lifespan, breast implants aren’t meant to last a lifetime. While some women choose to keep their implants for up to 10 years following their treatment, others choose to have them removed few years afterwards. You have complete discretion over how long to maintain your implants. They will need to be taken out or replaced in the unlikely event that they burst. Although a leaking implant will often be noticeable because to the change in size, regular check-up sessions will aid to evaluate their integrity.

Unfortunately, scarring is an inherent aspect of breast reconstruction. However, we think the advantages of this potentially life-changing operation far outweigh any scarring that might result. In addition to fading over time, scars can typically be hidden by clothing, especially bikini tops. By reusing prior incision lines and placing wounds in hidden places, we will use every precaution to reduce scarring.



If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with Dr Manwani, please contact us.



If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with Dr Manwani, please contact us.

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